Saturday, March 17, 2007

Orion, I Think I'm in Love

I'm a happy composer again, thanks to Synapse Software's Orion 7.1. This brilliant music sequencer/mixing desk package is one I've wanted for years, and now am wondering why I didn't purchase sooner. VST plugin support gives me a virtual instrumentation palette that's nearly unlimited, and Orion's effects and mixing abilities are equally huge. Each instrument and effect is displayed on the desktop as a knob-encrusted rack module- a surprisingly effective way to give the appearance I'm making adjustments to a physical rather than virtual control. Combined with my spiffy new Evolution MIDI controller, it's a perfect team. I think I'm in love...

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm a Podaholic

I blame Robin and Bobbi (the developers of our Library 2.0 program) for my new podcast addiction. I spent umpteen hours this last weekend working on projects around the house while plugged in, listening to tech reviews, sci-fi discussions, and far too many other topics. Podcasts are confections from hell, continuously tempting me to download just one more hour of obscure discussion before I stop listening...

... Because apparently I've got to know who Summer Brooks and the other Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas think would win in a fight between Airwolf and Blue Thunder. I opened up my Bloglines account last night, noticed that the Ninjas had a new show up, a discussion of the first Highlander movie, and I actually said, "alright!"

For Highlander? What is wrong with me?

So, thank you both very much. And my children thank you, as I remain blissfully unaware of their plaintive, hungry cries.