Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maybe It's the Tea

I've been listening to a movie review podcast featuring five chatting Brits, and once again, I'm struck by the thought that everything is better with an English (or Welsh, or Scottish...) accent. Jokes are better, and everyone sounds like they're brilliant. I'd line up to be harangued by a Brit, because even their tirades sound awesome. Check out Movies You Should See.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And My Feet Aren't Tired

Google Earth is nothing new at this point, but I’m certainly having fun with it lately. For those who haven’t experienced this application, it functions as a worldwide map, composed of satellite images. The interface is a globe, which you are able to spin and zoom, from space to your backyard. Typing addresses or landmarks into the search field will send your view flying around the globe to the proper location, then zooming in to the coordinates. You can even stick a virtual pin on the location, give it a name, and add it to a personal favorites list. Then, once you have several such places set up, send yourself or others on a virtual tour of them (which in my case is ancient temples and architecture).

There’s much more, including raised terrain that conforms to topographical data, and 3D models of famous buildings in the cities, making it possible to take a virtual walk through the streets to get a sense of the layout. Amazing stuff, and right up my alley!