Sunday, October 14, 2007

Balancing Act

A year ago, our family was heavily in to geocaching. If you aren't familiar with this activity, just head on over to If you enjoy treasure or scavenger hunts, it's quite a bit of fun.

But here's the rub. Last weekend, after a three-month layoff, we finally tracked down three new caches. As with most of the hobbies I enjoy, I will obsess over a single activity for a length of time, then move on, sometimes not returning to that activity for months. The only exception to this rule seems to be reading, which I enjoy nearly every day.

I already know I suffer from
gameritis, an affliction I've passed on to my daughters. We're all gamers, and can't seem to pass up new games, even though we've not finished the ones we currently own. Sure, I lost sleep over Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for a month straight, but since then, I've barely fired it up. Worse, I have at least three games I've not even loaded on the computer yet.

I think the key is to dabble- a mix of my favorite things in smaller doses, much like eating right. If only this 500 pound Halo 3 gorilla wasn't sucking up all our time, I'd get the balance right.

Sure, it'll happen.

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Robin said...

Ah! You too have gaming ADD!! My son despairs of me ever reaching level 70 in World Of Warcraft because I keep starting new characters so that I can do new things with new people. On the PCC desk, I'd frequently have solitaire, insaniquarium and desktop defenders all open and just hop from one to another when I got bored. I feel your pain...